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The following is a story from Greek Mythology.

Icarus is the son of Daedalus who is the maker of the Labyrinth (maze) for King Minos.

One day, due to an unforeseen circumstance, King Minos became upset with the maze that Daedalus had built. He punished Daedalus and his son, Icarus, by imprisoning them on the Island of Crete. To escape their imprisonment, Daedalus made wings with the feathers of birds. He then used wax to attach the wings to their arms. Before they flew off, he told Icarus not to fly too near to the

However, when they got to the skies, Icarus became delighted with the dizzying heights. He forgot the advice his father gave him and flew higher and higher. The
heat from the Sun soon melted the wax and his wings were detached.

Icarus fell back to

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Cerita dongeng berikut berasal daripada mitos Yunani.

Icarus ialah anak kepada Daedalus. Daedalus ialah pembuat pagar sesat (maze) untuk Raja Minos.

Pada suatu hari, disebabkan keadaan-keadaan tertentu, Raja Minos menjadi murka dengan Daedalus. Baginda me
merintah supaya Daedalus dengan anaknya, Icarus, ditahan di Pulau Crete. Untuk melepaskan diri, Daedalus membuat sayap daripada bulu pelepah burung. Dia kemudiannya menggunakan lilin untuk melekat sayap buatannya kepada lengan mereka. Daedalus juga mengingatkan anaknya supaya jangan terbang terlalu tinggi, menghampiri matahari.

Akan tetapi, apabila dalam penerbangan mereka, Icarus mabuk dengan ketinggian mereka. Semakin tinggi Icarus terbang, semakin dekat kepada
Matahari. Haba daripada matahari meleburkan lilin dan sayapnya tertanggal.

Icarus jatuh ke

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