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Radio Receiver System

This system receives the signals (radio
waves) that have been sent out by radio transmitters. It then converts / transforms the radio waves into sound waves.
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Parts and functions of the Radio Receiver System

Part Function
(receiving) aerial collects / receives radio waves from the air
tuner circuit
selects the frequency that we want from the waves captured by the aerial
demodulator also known as the detector circuit, this part of the system separates the modulated waves into audio signals and carrier waves
amplifier amplifies or makes larger the audio signals 
speaker converts audio signals into sound waves

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Sistem Penerima Radio

Sistem ini menerima
gelombang radio yang dihantar oleh alat pemancar. Ia kemudiannya mengubah gelombang radio kepada gelombang bunyi.
Bahagian dan fungsi sistem penerima radio
Bahagian Fungsi
aerial / dawai penerimaan gelombang mengumpul dan menerima gelombang radio di udara
litar penala
memilih frekuensi yang dikehendaki daripada gelombang radio yang diterima
demodulator juga dikenali sebagai litar pengesan, bahagian ini memisahkan gelombang modulasi kepada isyarat audio dan gelombang pembawa
penguat / amplifier menguatkan isyarat audio
pembesar suara mengubah isyarat audio kepada gelombang bunyi
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