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Additives in Detergents

Additives are put into
detergents to
o    improve the cleaning ability
o    make them more commercially attractive

antiseptic agents
eliminate microorganisms (that cause smell and diseases)
biological enzymes
break down large molecules (fats and proteins) to help remove them
amylase, lipase, protease, cellulase
whiten the fabric
sodium perborate NaH2BO4.3H2O
brighten and whiten the fabric, fluorescent dyes  reflect blue and white in UV light
builders soften hard water, make water more alkaline (increases pH value)
sodium tripolyphosphate Na5P3O10
drying agents maintains dryness of the detergent so that it is in powder form
sodium sulphate Na2SO4, sodium silicate Na2O3Si
fragrances make the fabric smell fresh (and smell clean)
reduce production of foam in washing machines (too much foam can cause damage)

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Bahan Tambahan Detergen


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