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Types of Pillows

Here is something for those who do not subscribe to the French proverb that "There's no pillow so soft as a clear conscience".

cotton pillows
These pillows are recommended for those suffering from allergies.

latex foam pillows
They are said to be resistant to disease-causing microorganisms and provide stress-free comfort. They are purported to provide good support to the neck.

memory foam pillows
Just like foam pillows, they are claimed to support both the neck and head. Therefore, they are very comfortable to sleep on. The word memory is used to convey the notion that due to its sensitivity to changing temperatures, their shape can change to fit the head and neck.

buckwheat hull pillows
Such pillows are said to provide relief for those with sleeping problems. Additionally, the material allows good circulation of air which helps the user to stay cool.

down and feather pillows
These pillows can easily be designed to conform to the shape of the head, neck and upper body. They can be stuffed with varying amounts to provide different degrees of firmness, in accordance to the requirement of the user.

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Jenis-jenis bantal

Antara jenis-jenis bantal termasuk bantal kapas, bantal getah berbusa, bantal getah berbusa ingatan, bantal sekam gandum kuda dan bantal bulu (pelepah).

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