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Factors that affect the Rate of Transpiration
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The rate of transpiration is affected by the following factors:

Factor Rate of transpiration
humidity the higher the humidity of the surroundings, the slower the rate. When the air is wet, diffusion of water vapour out of the leaf is slower.
temperature the higher the temperature of the surroundings, the faster the rate. Water evaporates faster at higher temperatures.
presence of light
the rate is higher in the light than in the dark. Light stimulates the opening of the stomata.
presence of wind
the rate is faster with the presence of wind. Wind carries away humid air which is replaced by drier air surrounding the leaves.

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Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi Kadar Transpirasi

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Kadar transpirasi dalam tumbuhan dipengaruhi oleh faktor-faktor berikut

Faktor Kadar transpirasi
kelembapan lebih tinggi kelembapan sekeliling, lebih perlahan kadar transpirasi. Apabila udara sekeliling lembap, peresapan wap air keluar daripada daun lebih perlahan.
suhu lebih tinggi suhu, lebih cepat kadar transpirasi. Penyejatan air berlaku dengan lebih cepat pada suhu tinggi.
kehadiran cahaya
kadar transpirasi lebih tinggi dengan kehadiran cahaya kerana cahaya merangsangkan pembukaan liang stoma.
kehadiran angin
kadar transpirasi bertambah dengan kehadiran angin. Ini kerana angin menyingkirkan udara lembap - yang pula diganti dengan udara kering di sekeliling daun.

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