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China's National Treasures (Documentary)
国 家宝藏 guójiā bǎozàng

China's National Treasures 国家宝藏 guójiā bǎozàng is a brilliant documentary on museum artifacts,in particular, and Chinese culture and heritage, in general. In each episode three or four artifacts are featured. For each national treasure, housed in one of China's many magnificent museums, a celebrity is appointed its guardian or custodian 守护人 shǒu hù rén. The celebrities include actors and actresses, singers and television personalities. They lend appeal to the wider audience. Stories, sketches, poetry recitals and songs are rendered to make the series even more interesting.  Curators of museums are invited to provide their inputs on the artifact featured.

Among the
museums highlighted (but not limited to this list) are the

Palace Museum 故宫博物院 gù gōng bó wù yuàn
Shanghai Museum 上海博物馆 shànghǎi bówùguǎn
⛫ Nanjing Museum 南京博物院 nánjīng bówùyuàn
⛫ Hunan Museum 湖南省博物馆 húnán shěng bówùguǎn

⛫ Henan Museum 河南博物院 hénán bó wù yuàn
⛫ Shaanxi History Museum 陕西历史博物馆 shǎnxī lìshǐ bówùguǎn
⛫ Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物馆 húběi shěng bówùguǎn    
⛫ Zhejiang Provincial Museum 浙江省博物馆 zhèjiāng shěng bówùguǎn 
⛫ Liaoning Provincial Museum 辽宁省博物馆 liáoníng shěng bówùguǎn
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Dokumentari China:
"Harta Negara" / "Harta Kebangsaan"

国家宝藏 guójiā bǎozàng

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