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武威 wǔ wēi
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Wuwei 武威 wǔ wēi is one the first cities 城 市 chéng shì after Lanzhou 兰州 lán zhōu that one would stop on the "Xian-Dunhuang Journey of the Silk Road". Wuwei 武威 wǔ wēi is located at the eastern end of the Hexi Corridor 河 西走廊 hé xī zǒu láng in the province of Gansu 甘肃 gān sù. It borders Inner Mongolia 内 蒙古 nèi méng gǔ in the north. Wuwei 武威 wǔ wēi has a long history and it has been reported that the city has been inhabited for over 5 thousand years. Wuwei 武威 wǔ wēi was once a seat of the government of the Wu kingdom 吴 国 wú guó (during the period of the Three Kingdoms 三 国 sān guó). This city was also once known as Liangzhou 凉 州 liáng zhōu.

On the journey to Dunhuang 敦煌 dūn huáng, the next recommended stop is 
Zhangye 张掖 zhāng yē.

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map not drawn to scale

Among the places of interest in Wuwei are

 the cultural relic of The Galloping Bronze Horse of Wuwei 铜奔马 tóng bēn mǎ (CLICK or TOUCH to see photos)

 The Leitai Tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty (CLICK or TOUCH to see photos)

 The Southern Gate

 Confucian Temple / Wenmiao, Wuwei

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