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Science Quotes
科学 kē xué
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What I do remember distinctly is this hen - a brown one - and she's going into this little hen house, and there were nest boxes around the edge. So, I must have thought, "Ah, she's going to lay an egg" and I crawled after her. And apparently, I was gone four whole hours and the family had no idea where I was... they even called the police. And yet, my mom saw me running towards the house with shining eyes... instead of getting mad at me, "How dare you go off without telling us? Don't you dare do it again", she sat down to hear the wonderful story of how a hen lays an egg. So, isn't that the making of a little scientist?
Asking questions.
Not getting the right answer.
Deciding to find out for yourself.
Making a mistake.
And not giving up.
And learning patience.
That's all there when I was four and  half and a different kind of mother might have crushed that scientific curiosity... maybe I wouldn't have done I'd done. - Jane Goodall

The science mojo is: this has never been done before, we're gonna invest in it, we're gonna be the first at it. And if you don't have those three pistons aligned, other people would do it. That's the thing about science; it doesn't matter where it happens, it's gonna happen somewhere. You don't own science. Science is for anyone who's curious and wants to invest there. And right now, the world's passing us by. - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Colonel Carbury, may I raise my glass to criminology, the easiest of all sciences. - Appointment with Death Movie

In the face of overwhelming odds, I'm left with only one option: I'm going to have to science the s*** out of this. - Andy Weir, The Martian

Our state right now - the affairs on Earth - is such that we have no choice but to science the s*** out of it, in order to survive. - James Cameron, Story of Science Fiction

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