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Quotes (Politics)
But now, politics is everywhere, and that takes up precious brain space we could be using to remember all the things we actually have in common. - Stephen Colbert

Once  destiny is in the hands of the people, China, like the sun rising in the east, will illuminate every corner of the land with a brilliant flame." - Mao Zedong

My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten. - Eva Peron

Answer violence with violence. If one of us falls today, five of them must fall tomorrow. - Eva Peron

One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism. - Eva Peron

War has rules, mud wrestling has rules...
Politics has no rules.
  - Ross Perot

Now I've seen it all. No permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Politics of expediency. - Khairy Jamaluddin

I want the right of life, of the leopard at the spring, of the seed splitting open - I want the right of the first man. -  Nazim Hikmet, Turkish Poet
Good ideas don't matter if people don't hear them. - Barrack Obama


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