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Topics of Interest

   What is Crime
   Billboards for Crime Prevention
   Prevention of Crime - Laws of Malaysia (Act) 

Culture / Tradition / Festivals
   Chinese New Year
   Nian Gao

✍   Open House (External Link)
✍   School Infrastructure (External Link)
✍   The Importance of Education (External Link)

✍   What Causes Haze (External Link)
✍   Environmental Awareness (External Link)

ICT, the Internet and Social Media
   Operating Systems
   Types of Apps (Applications)

   The Way Forward (Vision 2020)

   Beauty in Nature  (External Link)
   Things we can do to Preserve Wildlife (External Link)
   Ageing Population
   Stress and Public Examinations

✍   National Unity (External Link)
   What is Tourism
   Subsets of Tourism
   Malaysian Tourism Sector 2014 Revenue
   UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Malaysia
   Penang, Malaysia
   The Legend of Langkawi

Traffic and Road Transport
   Futuristic City Transportation Project - Advancing Technology to fix congestion and prevent accidents
   Tuk-tuks - What are tuk-tuks
   Introducing Tuk-tuks on the Road
   Road Rage
   Bicycle Paths in Cities

✍   Ways to Improve Public Transport (External Link)
✍   The Importance of Public Transport (in Malaysia) (External Link)

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