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Nature - The Poem

Puisi Nature
Poet: Hugh Doston (HD) Carberry

We have neither Summer nor Winter

Neither Autumn nor Spring

Jamaica does not experience the four seasons.

We have instead the days

When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields - magnificently

It is a tropical climate with lots of sunshine...

lush - green

The days when the rain beats like bullets on the roof

It is a tropical climate with lots of heavy rain.

And there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies

gullies - ravines, ditches, drains - water flows rapidly in the ravines

swish - a rushing sound indicating the water flows rapidly


And trees struggling in the high Jamaica winds

it can be very windy in Jamaica; and the trees are blown about by the strong winds

And there are the days when leaves fade off guango trees

there are also days when the trees shed the leaves

And the reaped canefields lie bare and fallow to the sun

there are also days when the canefields are bare after they have been harvested

The canefields are fallow; they are not suitable for planting / uncultivated

But best of all there are days when the mango and the logwood blossom

When bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey

When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air

When the buttercups have paved the earth with yellow stars

And beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone

the last lines describe the days which the poet deems or considers as beautiful - the days when there is no rain / the rains have stopped, the days when there are fruits and flowers in the trees, the days when bees fly and produce honey and the days when the fields are filled with bright flowers


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