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-ity (suffix)
Function: to form abstract nouns
rigin: Latin
orresponds with: adjectives
Word Meaning
acidity the quality or state of being acidic
anonymity the state of having no name
biodiversity the variety of living things
capacity the condition of state of being capable
conductivity the quality of being able to conduct current or heat
curiosity the quality of wanting to know more (curious)
credibility the ability to get trust or be believed
density the state of being densed
ductity the capability of a material (metal) being extended by beating
fertility the condition of being fertile
generosity the willingness to give
inability the lack of ability
infinity the state of being infinite (unlimited in space, time, or others)
insanity the state of being mad
integrity the following of standards or values
majority the bigger number
mentality the state of one's mind
probability a condition of that something might happen
productivity the rate of output per unit input
quantity a number or an amount of something
seniority the state of having a higher rank or an older position
sincerity the quality of being sincere
tenacity the condition or quality of being persistent or determined
trinity the state of being three
ubiquity the ability of being everywhere at the same time
unity the state of being together as one, united
velocity veloci- is Latin for speed. I


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