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Points for Writing: Why are holidays necessary?
    improve / enhance family relationships
    recharge the system
    break the routine
✎    balance out a person's view of life

Enhancing family relationships
✎    time to get to know our family without the pressure of studies / work
✎    foster interpersonal relationships
✎    close / narrow / bridge the gaps
Recharging the system / body
✎    essential for the preservation of our health
✎    to maintain our complete well-being
✎    increases productivity
Breaking the routine
✎    provide time to catch up on studies
✎    time for reflection of what have been taught
Balancing out a person's view of life
✎    time to handle personal and private matters
✎    other experiences and lessons to be acquired
✎    time to put issues which cause stress and concern into perspective
✎    broaden outlook and experience
Relevant Proverb/Idiom/Quote
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
Useful phrases
"bridge the gap"
"to catch up on (something)"
"to be acquired"
"to put something in(to) perspective"

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