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Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry
Television Series
o   The Original series
o   The Animated Series
o   The Next Generation
o   Deep Space Nine
o   Voyager
o   Enterprise
Movies o   The Motion Picture
o   The Wrath of Khan
o   The Search for Spock
o   The Voyage Home
o   The Final Frontier
o   The Undiscovered Country
o   Generations
o   First Contact
o   Insurrection
o   Nemesis
o   Star Trek (reboot)
o   Into the Darkness
Main Characters
o   James T Kirk
o   Spock
o   L. McCoy
o   M. Scott
o   N. Uhura
o   H. Sulu
o   P. Chekov
Notes o   Star Trek also appears in novels, comics and games
o   Star Trek is credited to have inspired a great number of people to love science (particularly astronomy) and gotten many to be passionate about space travel
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