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Attorney General

An attorney is a person who gives advice on legal matters (matters regarding law). He speaks for the people in the Court of Law.

A General is one of high ranking. Thus, an Attorney General (AG) is the principal legal officer and adviser of a country.
One of the main functions of the AG of Malaysia (and the AG's chambers) is to provide legal advice to the government in accordance with the International Law while taking into consideration the government and public policies. The AG is also known as the Public Prosecutor.
Peguam Negara
Seorang Peguam Negara merupakan pegawai dan penasihat guaman terutama bagi sesebuah negara.
Salah satu fungsi utama Peguam Negara Malaysia (dan Jabatan Peguam Negara) adalah untuk memberi nasihat kepada kerajaan menurut Undang-undang Antarabangsa sambil mengambil kira dasar-dasar kerajaan dan awam.


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