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Indigenous Australians

The "Indigenous Australians" is a term used to refer to the Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islanders. Archeological evidence has shown that the Indigenous Australians arrived on the island more than 65,000 years ago. Furthermore, an extensive DNA study confirmed that the Indigenous Australians are the most ancient civilization on Earth. They are spread out across all the six states of Australia.

Reportedly, there were about three quarters of a billion Indigenous Australians before the Westerners colonized the country in 1788.

Among others, with the colonization of
Australia, came
☠  massacres
☠  genocide
☠  slavery
☠  plundering
 the stolen generations (where the children were taken away from their families by the church and government) and
☠  the deliberate omission of these people as citizens of Australia*.

* Only in 1967, were the Indigenous Australians formally made "citizens" of their own country.

Today, the population of the Indigenous Australians is only about 3% of the total Australian population.

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