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Notes for "The River"
A Poem by Valerie Bloom
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Poet Valerie Bloom
Born in Jamaica; Based in England
Nature: River

Read and listen to the full poem here.
Meaning of words: Stanza 1
wanderer a person who travels, drifts with no plan or purpose
kelana - orang yang menggembara
a person (an animal) that moves from place to place without a fixed home
orang / haiwan yang berpindah dari satu tempat ke tempat lain, tanpa tempat tinggal tetap
a person who walks from place to place and who lives by doing odd jobs or begging
kutu rayau, orang yang suka merayau-rayau tanpa tujuan
Meaning of words: Stanza 2
winder something that twists and rolls  
sesuatu yang berputar
still not moving
diam, tidak bergerak
Meaning of words: Stanza 3
hoarder collector
Meaning of words: Stanza 4
gurgles makes a sound like a bubbling flow of liquid
menggelobok, membobok
hums makes musical sounds with lips closed
Meaning of words: Stanza 6
vexed annoyed, irritated
sakit hati
gobble eat very quickly and noisily
 makan sesuatu dengan gelojoh
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