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Su Dongpo
苏东坡sū dōng pō

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Su Dongpo 苏东坡 sū dōng pō lived during the Northern Song Dynasty 北宋 běi sòng from 1037 AD - 1101 AD. He was a native of Meishan 眉山 méi shān of the Province of Sichuan 四川 sì chuān in China.

Su Dongpo was a man of many talents. He was a well known
☛ painter and calligrapher

Together with his father, Su Xun and brother Su Zhe, the Su trio were renowned for poetry, paintings, calligraphy and essays.

In 1071AD, Su Dongpo was appointed the Secretary General of Hangzhou and in 1089, he became the Governor of the city. During his administration, he was responsible for the building of a bridge / causeway and the beautification of the West Lake. He also wrote poems about the lake, one of which equates its allure to Xishi, one of the most beautiful women in Ancient China.

In appreciation of his contributions, the people of
Hangzhou erected a Memorial Hall in honour of the "Old Mayor of Hangzhou".

In addition, Su Dongpo was also a food enthusiast and an expert in using herbs / food in medicinal practices and, as a gastronome, he was credited for the creation of the Su Dongpo Pork dish. Check out Su Dongpo's quote about food HERE.

To see more photos of Su Dongpo,
visit his
Memorial Hall in Hangzhou here.
Touch /Click on the the entrance.
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Su Dongpo/
Su Tungpo

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Tempoh aktif: 1037 - 1101 Selepas Masehi
empat asalan: Wilayah Sichuan
Dinasti: Song Utara 

☛ ahli kaligrafi / jurukhat

Tambahan pula,
Su Dongpo pakar dalam makanan dan
menggunakan makanan dan herba dalam rawatan.
syair, hasil tulisan dan kaligrafi/seni khat.
✍ sebagai pakar makanan, Su Dongpo terkenal dengan rekaan hidangan dagingnya.

Baca petikan Su Dongpo mengenai makanan

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